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Manco Gladiator

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Manco Gladiator & Stirling

Manco Gladiator and Stirling Water Heaters

At one point, Manco was one of the best known brands in the realm of hot water heaters in the UK. However, the company was bought out by Kingspan Hot Water Systems several years ago and the Manco name has not appeared on any products since that point. At their height, Manco manufactured a wide range of hot water heaters, all of which relied on a copper cylinder, including thermal store heaters (the popular Riverstream and Powerstream options from the 2000s, for instance), as well as unvented hot water heaters like the Gladiator and Stirling lines.

At EasyFlow, we’re well acquainted with Manco and the company’s hot water heaters. Manco was based in Manchester, and EasyFlow’s office is also located in Manchester. We also became very familiar with servicing Manco hot water heaters during the building boom of 2000. Today, while Manco might be defunct, we’re still servicing their water heaters through Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Chester.

Draining an old Manco Gladiator water cylinder
Gladiator Maximus cylinder connections
Gladiator Stirling expansion vessel
The Stirling, Gladiator and Gladiator Maximum Hot Water Heaters

While Manco manufactured a wide range of water heaters at one point, some of the most common are the Stirling, Gladiator and Gladiator Maximus models. The Maximus is the most recent water heater, but even it is about 10 years old at this point. In addition, all three models used a copper cylinder with lower operating pressures that what is possible with stainless steel cylinders. For instance, while a stainless steel model might be able to hold 3.5 bar, a copper cylinder might only be capable of 2.1 bar.

Because these three models are unvented water heaters, they must be inspected annually to ensure that all valves remain in good condition and to ensure that the expansion vessel does not lose its charge or become overcharged. However, the fact that copper was used to manufacture the cylinders complicates the situation. Copper is not as strong as steel, and cannot withstand overpressure situations as well. This poses a problem in the event that an expansion vessel becomes overcharged rather than losing its pressure.

Manco Gladiator Maximus
Manco Gladiator safety valve
Connections to Manco Gladiator Maximus
Common Faults for Gladiator and Sterling Water Heaters

We have accumulated information on the most common faults experienced by owners of copper cylinder water heaters, particularly the Gladiator and Sterling models, to help you make informed decisions regarding service, maintenance and repairs.

Leaking from Seams: This is a fault common to most copper cylinder systems, particularly if regular maintenance has not been conducted. Without proper maintenance, the seams weaken. Replacing components like immersion heaters can further weaken seams, and they eventually begin leaking. Any leak should be handled by a professional technician from EasyFlow.

Cold Water at the Hot Tap: If you’re experiencing cold water from the hot tap, chances are good that the problem lies with either the immersion heater or the thermostat. Complicating the matter is the fact that Manco used four different immersion heater sizes on the Gladiator water heater, with no way to determine the actual size without removing the old heater first.

Breaker Keeps Tripping: If you’re noticing that the circuit breaker for the water heater keeps tripping, the problem is likely a burned out immersion heater creating a short in the system. The immersion heater will need to be replaced to solve the problem.

Gladiator Stirling valve and vessel in place
Manco Gladiator
Manco Gladiator immersion heater

Water Flow Reduced: If the water flow to the taps is reduced, it could be a problem with a clogged strainer, but it may also be a fault with the pressure reduction valve. The valve will need to be replaced if this is the case.

At EasyFlow, we provide professional, expert repairs, maintenance and services for owners of Manco Stirling and Gladiator hot water heaters. We serve Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and Leeds. EasyFlow is a Country and Town Limited Service.

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