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Unvented Cylinder Repair and Maintenance

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EasyFlow specialize in unvented water cylinders. We have years of experience installing and repairing mains pressure unvented cylinders and are quick to respond to calls. We always investigate faults and provide quotes prior to undertaking any water heater repairs. Our engineers carry many spare parts on the van and are often able to make the repair immediately. We also offer maintenance plans, which help spread the cost and provide total peace of mind. If you have a fault or need and annual service, contact us today on 0800 433 4043

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Information and advice on how to safely use, operate and save money with unvented water cylinders, thermal store water heater and electric boilers.

Unvented Cylinder Maintenance: Do You Really Need It Every Year?

If you’re like most people, there’s a good chance that you let maintenance slide when it comes to certain things. You might go a few miles over your oil change intervals in your vehicle, for instance. You might not even know that certain appliances in your home require regular maintenance. For instance, did you know that your unvented water cylinder requires maintenance every year? It does and we’ll explain everything you need to know in this post. Why Is Maintenance Necessary? Let’s tackle the big question first. Why do you need annual maintenance on a water heater, anyway? It’s just a basic home appliance, right? Why does it require more care than, say, your toaster? Well, first, your unvented cylinder is a great deal more complex than your toaster. It is also under immense pressure and filled with water – a leak could mean serious challenges and even damage to your belongings and the structure of your home. There’s also the fact that your homeowner’s insurance probably requires your unvented cylinder to be serviced annually. If you fail to do so and a leak develops, there’s a very good chance that the insurer will deny your claim. Finally, most unvented cylinders come with a rather lengthy warranty from the manufacturer. For instance, Gledhill offers 25 years of coverage on many of their models. However, if you fail to maintain your water cylinder properly, that warranty will be voided, and any failure will be your responsibility. What Happens During Annual Unvented Cylinder Maintenance? Now that we can clearly see why annual maintenance is needed, we should explore what’s done during a service. During the maintenance service, a technician will: Ensure that the installation conforms with the rules of the industry (Part G3 of the Building Regulations) Inspect the temperature controls to ensure they are operating correctly Inspect and test all pressure controls and relief valves to ensure proper operation Inspect all safety systems on the cylinder Inspect the cylinder itself for signs of distress or impending problems Now we come to another important question – who can maintain your unvented cylinder? Who Can Maintain My Unvented Cylinder? With vented cylinders, almost anyone can handle the maintenance. Even homeowners with basic tools and knowledge can do the job. That’s not the case with unvented cylinders. Because these systems are pressurised, they can be very dangerous to work on. Only G3-qualified technicians are allowed to install, maintain, and service unvented cylinders. What does this mean for you? Obviously, unless you’re a G3-qualified technician yourself, you’ll need to let the professionals handle your service. However, it’s important to realize that not all plumbing companies carry G3 qualifications (and many of them will not inform you of this unless you ask directly). At EasyFlow, all of our technicians are G3 qualified and capable of handling any issue you might have, from basic annual maintenance to in-depth repairs and replacement/installation of unvented cylinders. Contact us today to learn more about our annual maintenance plans and how we can protect your unvented cylinder.

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Choosing the Right Size Unvented Cylinder

Water heaters provide you with the ability to enjoy hot water right at the tap. They make washing up the dishes and bathing far less problematic than they once were. However, choosing the right size unvented cylinder can be challenging. In this post, we’ll explore what you need to know to ensure you get the perfect size for your water needs. Why Does Size Matter? First, let’s consider why the size matters in the first place. The size of your unvented cylinder determines how much heated water it can hold. Simply put, an unvented cylinder that’s too small might leave you without hot water when you need it most, while one that’s too large could end up costing you more in energy usage. You need to find the middle path between too small and too large. How to Gauge Size The best gauge of whether a particular unvented cylinder will work for your needs is to choose based on the number of people in your household. Each person will use hot water every day, so it’s important to choose a unit capable of providing ample heated water for all requirements, from bathing to washing dishes. For a one-bedroom apartment you should choose an unvented cylinder of between 120 – 150 litres. For two bedrooms increase the size to between 150 – 180 litres. For larger properties cylinders typically range from 200 – 300 litres. In addition to size, you’ll want to consider other factors, too. First-Hour Rating An unvented cylinder’s volume is an important consideration, but you also need to compare different options to get the right first-hour rating. Basically, this is a measurement of how much hot water the unit can produce in a single hour. It’s a measure of efficiency, but also gives you an idea of how much heated water you can expect. Often, this is higher than the volume of the tank. For instance, you’ll find that some unvented cylinders might have a total volume of 175 liters, but a first-hour rating of 230 or higher. Reheat Time from Cold How long does it take for the unvented cylinder to reheat water from cold? This is the length of time you’ll need to wait if the cylinder is completely emptied before you’ll have full-temp hot water once more. Today’s unvented cylinders are very efficient and can offer reheat times as low as 30 to 35 minutes. If you choose an indirectly heated model, you can cut that time down even more, although you’ll need an external boiler. Warranty A new unvented cylinder can be quite an investment and you want to make certain that it’s protected over time. Pay close attention to the warranties offered by each manufacturer. Some companies might offer only 90 days, while others could offer two years or more. Others have much more extensive coverage. For example, Gledhill offers 25 years on some of their unvented cylinders. Ultimately, you need to choose your unvented cylinder based on the number of occupants in your home. Next, compare warranties, efficiency ratings, and other performance metrics to ensure that you make an informed decision.

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EasyFlow is one of the few companies that specialize in the repair and maintenance of Gledhill boilers. We have years of experience repairing the Gledhill ElectraMate 2000 and carry most spare parts for this boiler on the van. We also carry parts for the Gledhill PulsaCoil A Class, Gledhill PulsaCoil 2000, Gledhill Torrent and Gledhill Stainless Lite. EasyFlow is now the preferred contractor for many North West property companies.

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The EasyFlow Annual Service is a great way to keep your unvented water heater safe and in good working order. Having your unvented water heater serviced each year is an important task, and is recommended by water heater manufacturers. We are competitively priced and provide a certificate for insurance purposes after the annual service is complete.

Maintenance Plans

The EasyFlow Maintenance Plan is a way for property owners to avoid expensive repair costs. Once a plan has been set up, the property owner pays a monthly fee and all call outs, parts and labour to make repairs is included. We also include the annual service for unvented water heaters worth £90.