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Unvented Cylinder Repair and Maintenance

Repairs from £120 with a Maintenance Plan

EasyFlow specialize in unvented water cylinders. We have years of experience installing and repairing mains pressure unvented cylinders and are quick to respond to calls. We always investigate faults and provide quotes prior to undertaking any water heater repairs. Our engineers carry many spare parts on the van and are often able to make the repair immediately. We also offer maintenance plans, which help spread the cost and provide total peace of mind. If you have a fault or need and annual service, contact us today on 0800 433 4043

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Information and advice on how to safely use, operate and save money with unvented water cylinders, thermal store water heater and electric boilers.

Why Is My Cylinder Making Loud Banging Noises?

Modern water heaters offer improved performance, reliability, and access to hot water throughout your home. However, they are not without their problems. If you’re experiencing loud banging noises from your cylinder, there is definitely an issue that needs to be resolved. A couple of things could be the cause of this situation. Sediment The most likely cause of a loud banging noise from your water cylinder is build-up of sediment at the bottom of your cylinder. All water contains at least some degree of sediment – dissolved minerals from the earth. Over time, these settle out to the bottom of the cylinder and begin to build up. With enough time, the sediment can become thick enough that steam may build within it. When steam bubbles release, they can cause loud noises. The solution to this issue is to have your cylinder drained and flushed regularly. It should be part of your annual maintenance, actually. Water Hammer Water hammer is a phenomenon unique to indoor plumbing and it occurs in very specific situations. If you notice that you hear the banging noise from your cylinder or pipes after flowing water has shut off, chances are good that it’s water hammer. What happens is simple – when the water heater is full, the inlet valve closes. Then, all the water flowing through the pipes crash into the closed valve, which can shake the pipe and make a banging noise. Fixing the problem usually means draining your home’s water supply (cutting it off at the mains and then opening a tap to let it all drain out) in order to recharge the air chambers. Note that this is most common with older homes. If you have a newer home, it could be that a water hammer arrestor has failed, or that you need them installed within your pipes. Water Pressure Finally, you may hear a banging noise if your water pressure is too high. Note that this noise will not come from the water cylinder, but from the piping within your home. Overpressure situations within your pipes can cause them to rattle and bounce, creating banging noises. The solution is to reduce the pressure of water entering your home, and this is something that should be handled by a professional plumber. If you’re experiencing banging from your water cylinder, it is best to call for professional help.

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Why Does Sediment Build Up in My Water Heater?

While modern water heaters are built well and designed to last, they do require regular maintenance and can suffer from some issues that require repairs and replacements. Most of those problems stem from one thing – sediment build-up within your water heater over time. In addition, sediment can even affect your home’s pipes. Why is sediment and issue and where does it come from? Why does it build up in your water heater? The Source of Sediment No matter where you might live within the UK, all water contains dissolved minerals. Lime is probably the most common, but there are many others, including iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, and more. What Causes Sediment to Settle? Sediment is held in suspension when water is at cool temperatures. However, the heating process actually causes it to settle out, or to come out of suspension. As the water heats up, minerals condense, and small bits aggregate into larger and larger particles. Eventually, those particles are too heavy to remain in suspension and they settle to the bottom of the tank. The Problem with Sediment  While these minerals might be naturally occurring, that does not mean that they are harmless to your water heater. In fact, sediment build-up can cause a number of different problems. One of those is that, over time, the layer of sediment at the bottom of the cylinder can become quite deep. This limits the amount of water your cylinder can hold, reducing total volume. There is also the fact that sediment build-up can lead to a loud banging noise from the cylinder as steam bubbles up through the material and then escapes into the cylinder itself. Other problems caused by increased sediment include rumbling and popping sounds, increased energy bills, and even fluctuating water temperatures. How to Remedy the Problem If you suspect that sediment build-up is causing problems within your water cylinder, there is a simple fix. The water heater will need to be drained and flushed in order to remove the sediment. However, this type of maintenance should be handled by a plumber certified to work on unvented water cylinders. If you are in Greater Manchester and require this service please contact us on 0161 941 5571.

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Gledhill Boiler Repairs

EasyFlow is one of the few companies that specialize in the repair and maintenance of Gledhill boilers. We have years of experience repairing the Gledhill ElectraMate 2000 and carry most spare parts for this boiler on the van. We also carry parts for the Gledhill PulsaCoil A Class, Gledhill PulsaCoil 2000, Gledhill Torrent and Gledhill Stainless Lite. EasyFlow is now the preferred contractor for many North West property companies.

Annual Service

The EasyFlow Annual Service is a great way to keep your unvented water heater safe and in good working order. Having your unvented water heater serviced each year is an important task, and is recommended by water heater manufacturers. We are competitively priced and provide a certificate for insurance purposes after the annual service is complete.

Maintenance Plans

The EasyFlow Maintenance Plan is a way for property owners to avoid expensive repair costs. Once a plan has been set up, the property owner pays a monthly fee and all call outs, parts and labour to make repairs is included. We also include the annual service for unvented water heaters worth £90.