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Electric Boiler Cover

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Electric Boiler Cover

EasyFlow will help you keep your hot water flowing. EasyFlow specialises in electric water heaters and boilers including unvented water heaters and thermal store water heaters. We have years of experience in this specialist field and carry most spare parts on our vans. In response to customer demand, we have launched the EasyFlow Electric Water Heater Service Agreement. Many people now have their electric boiler and unvented water cylinder covered by an EasyFlow Service Agreement.

Information about the different types of electric boiler cover

If you are interested in ‘Electric Boiler Cover’ there are several options open to you. You should take time to understand all about electric boiler cover before you decide which option is right for you. When people refer to boiler cover they are often talking about different things. Here are a few of the ways you might want to protect your boiler or unvented water cylinder and keep your hot water flowing.

Electric Boiler Cover - Warranty

Warranties are usually offered by manufacturers and provide protection to the consumer in the event of a part failure. Warranties are generally restricted to a set period, such as one year for valves and 20 years for a cylinder. They often come with conditions such as; reasonable use, fair wear and tear, and cylinder must be serviced each year for the warranty to remain in place. Warranties are mainly associated with protection from a manufacturing defect. When a claim is made on a warranty a manufacturer would either send an engineer out to fix the boiler or provide a replacement.

Electric Boiler Cover - Insurance

Insurance is a regulated financial product and does not usually cover manufacturing defects. Insurance is often used to protect against accidental damage and theft among other things. Only firms that are regulated by the Financial Services Authority can sell insurance. When a claim is made on an insurance policy, an insurance company would normally make a cash payment to settle a claim.

Electric Boiler Cover - Maintenance Plans

EasyFlow Maintenance Plans are a great way to keep the hot water flowing, while avoiding the risk of large repair bills. The Maintenance Plan covers Call Out Charges, Parts and Labour in return for a small monthly fee. Charges are paid by direct debit each month. Whenever you or your tenant has a hot water fault, they just call the Freephone number to book an engineer’s visit. EasyFlow vans are well stocked with spare parts, meaning that most repairs are made on the day without the need for a return visit. The minimum term is 12 months, after which the agreement rolls over and can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice.

EasyFlow is not a manufacturer or an insurance company and does not offer warranty agreements or insurance policies. Our Maintenance Plans provide a support service which includes call out, replacement parts and labour, but not replacement appliances or cash payments.

If you are looking for peace of mind, want to keep your hot water flowing and want to avoid large repair bills, then our Maintenance Plans are ideal for you.

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