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Blending Valve not working?

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Blending Valve Replacement

The blending valve on a thermal store water heater is positioned near to the hot outlet of the water heater. Its function is to blend the hot water that has just flowed through the heat exchanger with cold water and limit the temperature of the water flowing to the taps to 55°C to avoid scalding. The reason thermal store water heaters have blending valves and unvented heaters do not, is because thermal stores heat the water inside the store to between 75 - 80°C and if this water were to reach the taps then it would result in scalding. Unvented water heaters are limited to 65°C by the thermostat; however blending valves will be fitted to unvented water heaters when the building regulations are updated with the new regulations also covering the risk of scalding in domestic premises

Blending Valve on Range FlowMax
Blending Valve

EasyFlow provide an unvented water heater and a thermal store water heater repair and maintenance service in Manchester and Liverpool.

PulsaCoil III-PLate Heat Exchanger
Blending Valve
PulsaCoil III-Replacing a Blending
Gledhill Torrent Blending Valve
Gledhill Torrent Thermal Store
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