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No Hot Water within Your Cylinder?

We’ve come to rely on our modern creature comforts. When you press the power button, you expect the tele to come on. When you close the lid and press the start button, you expect your clothes washing machine to begin filling with water. When you open your hot water tap, you expect to receive a stream of heated water.

However, that does not always happen. If you’ve found that you have no hot water in your cylinder, it can be a frustrating situation, but there is hope. Your unit might need nothing more than a simple reset. How do you reset the cylinder, though?

First Things First

Before you try to reset the cylinder, check the built-in thermostat to make sure that it has not been bumped or knocked somehow. Even a minor knock could be enough to turn the temperature of your cylinder well below what you would consider hot. If the dial is under 60 degrees Celsius, turn it back to between 60 and 65 degrees and let the water heat back up.

  1. Locate the Reset Button

First, you will need to locate the reset button on your water cylinder. Usually, this can be found near the thermostat, often just below it. The reset button may be uncovered, or it may have a “lockout” cover. Find the switch and then move on to the next step.

  1. Press the Reset Button

Once you have located the reset button, press it. If your cylinder has a built-in manually reset safety switch under a lockout cover, you’ll first need to remove the cover, then press the switch. The cylinder should then reset and begin working once more. If the water within the cylinder has cooled off considerably, it may take some time for it to reheat. Be patient.

  1. No Visible Reset Button

If your cylinder does not have a visible reset button, you are not out of luck. You will simply need to change tactics. Go to your home’s fuse panel/breaker box and locate the circuit breaker that controls your water cylinder. If it is tripped, note this, and then flip it back once more. If it is not tripped, flip it off, wait a couple of seconds, and then flip it back once more. Your cylinder should reset and begin heating the water again.

What If You Still Have No Hot Water?

There is a chance that resetting the cylinder or turning the power off and back on again will not remedy the situation. In this case, the problem is most likely with the immersion heater and its built-in thermostat. It is not recommended that you attempt to address this problem on your own. Instead, get in touch with Easy Flow and we will get you back up and running in no time. Of course, we’re also happy to be of service at the first sign of trouble, as well.