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EasyFlow specialise in providing services for electric hot water heaters. We have expertise in unvented water cylinders and thermal stores cylinders. Services include hot water heater maintenance, repairs, new installations and more. Call today to schedule water heater repair service, or learn more about avoiding risks with Service Agreements

Unvented Cylinder and Hot Water Heater Maintenance, Repairs and Services
Electric Water Heater Repair

As unvented hot water heater specialists, we provide a wide range of electric water heater repair options. We can replace heating controls, provide blending valve replacements for thermal store hot water heaters, replace heating elements and more.

Gledhill Boilers Repairs

Gledhill boiler giving you a headache? Call EasyFlow. We have decades of experience dealing with common and not so common Gledhill boilers repairs, and can often provide same-day service.

Hot Water Cylinder Repair

Over time, your hot water heater’s cylinder suffers from wear and tear. At EasyFlow, we can provide hot water cylinder repair services to ensure you’re able to enjoy a constant flow of hot water from the taps.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Our hot water heater maintenance programmes ensure that your water heater is properly maintained at all time, which reduces the potential for outages and damage. If you have an unvented hot water heater, chances are good that your home insurance policy requires annual hot water heater maintenance, too.

Unvented Cylinder Service

Unvented hot water heater cylinders can experience a number of faults, and at EasyFlow, we have the experience necessary to troubleshoot, repair and replace damaged, worn or failed parts. Our unvented cylinder service ensures that you never have to go without hot water.

Call EasyFlow today to learn why our clients recommend us as the water heater repair company in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Whether you need water heater repair services, or wish to learn more about annual maintenance, we can help.

  • No Hot Water Fault Find and Repair

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  • Annual Service

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  • Immersion Heater Replacement

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  • Safety Valve Replacement

    Most manufacturers recommend that unvented water heaters are serviced each year is to ensure that sa...

  • Installation

    EasyFlow provide an electric hot water heater installation service in Manchester and Liverpool only....

  • Blending Valve Replacement

    The blending valve on a thermal store water heater is positioned near to the hot outlet of the water...

  • Heating Control Replacement

    If you have a fault on your water heater timer or if you do not have a timer fitted, we can advise o...

  • Repairs

    Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Repair Service Your hot water heater is the key to comfort in your ow...

  • Gledhill Repairs

    Fault with a Gledhill Boiler? At EasyFlow, we have qualified engineers working in your area. We c...


    When you’re in need of electric water heater repair or service, time is of the essence. Call...

  • Electric Boiler Cover

    EasyFlow will help you keep your hot water flowing. EasyFlow specialises in electric water heaters a...

  • Combination Valve Replacement

    If you are experiencing a reduction in the flow or pressure of hot water from an unvented water heat...

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