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Being without hot water isn't just no fun - it could be an indication that there's a serious problem with your hot water heater. At EasyFlow, we strive to ensure that not only do you have access to the utmost in terms of professional service, but also essential information needed to troubleshoot problems on your own, learn more about possible problems, and how some of the more common vented and unvented thermal store water heaters work.

With over ten years of experience, EasyFlow has built a reputation for excellence in terms of both service quality and customer retention. Our dedication to providing each customer with accurate, in-depth guidance and details regarding their water heaters has enabled us to become an industry leader in Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire. We're also Water Industry Approved Plumbers.

We invite you to peruse the guides below to help you understand more about your water heater, the faults you may encounter and the regulations associated with unvented water cylinders and the supply of domestic hot water. We've assembled a vast repository of knowledge for anyone struggling with hot water issues in their homes. We also invite you to call us on 0800 433 4043 for emergency help or use our convenient web form to get in touch with us today.

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Our service agreements are designed to ensure our customers enjoy peace of mind, and constant hot water. We keep your hot water flowing while minimising your costs and eliminating stress. Let our experts identify and correct water heater faults, while you enjoy low monthly payments.

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