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Heating control not working?

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Replacing the controls on a water heater

If you have a fault on your water heater timer or if you do not have a timer fitted, we can advise on which type would best suit your hot water system and provide a quote for the installation. The controls or time clocks on electric water heaters are often set and forgotten about until the moment they fail and need to be replaced. However heating controls should be checked occasionally for signs of overheating or burning to avoid problems and inconvenience.

Immersion Heater
Isolate the Power Supply
Remove Cover and Test Circuit

EasyFlow provide an unvented water heater and a thermal store water heater repair and maintenance service in Manchester and Liverpool.

Horstmann heating control

Horstmann produce reliable and easy to use water heating controls, that occasionally need to be changed. Once it has been established that the time clock has failed and should be replaced the following steps are taken:

  • Test existing controls
  • Test existing circuit
  • Obtain replacement
  • Isolate electricity
  • Remove old control
  • Install replacement
Control Unit in Place
The Control Unit to be Changed
The information here is supplied for information purposes only. Do not try this yourself if you are unfamiliar with the isolation of water and electrical supplies. In the UK only part P registered electricians should work on domestic electrical circuits.

Please note: EasyFlow will guarantee the work we undertake for you but we will not guarantee manufacturers' parts e.g. the timer or programmer. Manufacturers often offer a 12 month warranty on parts; this will be passed on to you.

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