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Welcome to the EasyFlow Franchise page,

We have launched this page as we have recognized that as a company we are unable to help all the people looking to use our services. This page provides information to likeminded people who would appreciate owning and operating their own business, while enjoying the benefits of our trading experience and expertise.

We are looking for hardworking and dedicated people to join us, working independently but closely with us to help develop our brand and field of operation.

Please see the links on this page for more information and we very much hope that we hear from you in the very near future. To make an application please complete the online application form.

Kind regards

Chris Tomlinson
Founder of EasyFlow

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Franchise Opportunity

Independent Franchisee - Business Owner


What is EasyFlow?

We focus on one area, electric water heaters, and aim to provide the best service there is in this area. We believe that offering a dedicated service, carrying replacements parts in stock and getting out to calls quickly are important in winning clients' trust and meeting their needs. Being a specialist, we are constantly building up knowledge to ensure that the jobs done are both safe and reliable. Our reputation has been built on service, knowledge and reliability and it is this that encourages repeat business.

Year on year success & building our brand

We are very pleased with our success to date and look forward to developing our business through a franchise model in the future.

Never forgetting how important reputation and continuity are to our brand, we have over time, carefully built a brand image that seems far bigger than we are. We will continue to protect its integrity and ensure its simplicity for sharing.

Where we are now and next steps

We are perfectly placed right now to help a few local individuals realize a great business opportunity and enjoy the kind of success that we have enjoyed. Our next step is to find those individuals and introduce them to our franchise offering and team.

Huge market potential

We know that there is an opportunity for at least one EasyFlow franchisee in each major city or urban conurbation across the UK. We are known in our local area for our outstanding service and first-class support.

We understand what it takes to create success and enjoy the rewards that building a sound EasyFlow business can bring. Understanding the true potential of this business has enabled us to understand the kind of franchisees we are looking for. This is knowledge we want to share across our network for your success.

Our franchisees will have three main attributes these being:
  1. Be a qualified plumber with at least two years' experience under their belts and have knowledge of safe electrical working practices
  2. Be organized, motivated and welcome the opportunity to be their own boss
  3. Appreciate that the key to success is down to their ability to follow the proven structure and actively promote and sell services

Responsibilities and Duties

Opening a business and becoming your own boss means that you must take on responsibilities other than those that directly relate to your trade, these include:

  • • Adopting a Proven System
    The EasyFlow franchise opportunity is based on a proven system, one that works. If you wish to be as successful in your franchise, you will have to adopt this system. The system includes general working practice, sales and marketing, keeping records and dealing with enquiries
  • • Sales and Marketing
    All businesses need to market their services and win new work. This opportunity is no different. In the early days, you will be expected to concentrate more of your efforts in this area. This is until you develop contacts and a client base. As time passes you will begin to focus more on doing the job and earning money, but sales and marketing will be an important and constant factor in your success
  • • Leaflets
    Always carry promotional leaflets with you on every job. Sometime people will ask for them, but most of your work will be done in apartment blocks and after your job is complete, you will be walking past the post room containing up to 200 letterboxes. Always post leaflets in every building after every job. This helps to build the brand and is an effective way to generate new business. In addition, it removes the need to spend the odd day trying to gain access to apartments to post leaflets
  • • Working
    Working days can be long. The most profitable days are long. These are the days when all the admin has to be left until the end of the day as there are so many jobs on. But at the end of the day the admin still has to be done
  • • Telephone calls & Enquiries
    Telephone calls and enquiries are a welcome interruption to your day. Agreed nobody likes to be interrupted when they are busy, but these calls are where your profits comes from. These calls are a result of your hard work and good reputation and are the future of the business. They must be accepted and dealt with
  • • Annual Services
    Manufacturers recommend that unvented water heaters are serviced each year as pressures need to be reset, valves checked and cleaned and potential faults detected. This is a core service of EasyFlow, one that generates steady income and keeps us in contact with clients. You will run an Annual Service register and will send reminder cards once each year when the service becomes due
  • • Pricing
    You will be responsible for setting the pricing in your area. Experience has taught us clients react favourably to certain price bands which you can follow if you wish.
  • • Tools
    You will be expected to keep a full set of tools which you will maintain in good condition. These will enable you to work in a safe and professional manner
  • • Van
    Your van must meet certain standards in terms of presentation and road worthiness. It will be racked inside to organize the items you will need to carry and will be stocked with a range of spare parts
  • • Administration and Reports
    As the owner of a business you will be expected to keep on top of administration tasks, to keep a record of income and expenditure and to produce reports

Qualifications and Skills

  • • A minimum of two years' experience working on the tools as a plumber
  • • Proven pipe and cylinder installation skills
  • • Knowledge of safe electrical working practices
  • • G3 Unvented Water Heater Qualification
  • • City and Guilds 6189 Plumbing Qualification
  • • WRAS Water Regulations 1999 as amended
  • • Safe Working Practices - Electricity Qualification
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