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Covid 19 Safe Working Policy

Covid 19 Safe Working Policy

Due to the developing situation caused by the Covid 19 virus, EasyFlow has implemented the following safe working practices to protect our staff, our clients and the wider community. Information about safe working practices will be published on the company website. This information will also be provided over the telephone when appointments are made and by follow-up email. No exceptions will be made.

EasyFlow engineers working onsite will adhere to the following working practices and clients will be informed of these working practices in advance of all site visits. Clients will be asked to comply with these safe working conditions when appointments are made. If clients refuse to agree, appointments will not be made. If clients agree to these working conditions and then fail to comply, appointments will be cancelled at the time of arrival or cut short by the engineer. In this case call-out charges will be applied, but no work will be done.

Conditions of Work
  • Engineers will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as gloves and masks when entering properties and will change protective equipment after each visit.
  • The engineer will ring the bell or knock on the door and step back two meters from the door.
  • Clients will open the door and move two meters away from the engineer. They will remain two meters away from the engineer for the duration of the visit
  • Once any necessary information has been provided to the engineer, the client will leave the room or space where the engineer is working and will not return until the job has been completed
  • When the engineer collects payment for the visit, the two-meter distance rule will apply, payment will be collected using an intermediate point such as a table, which each party approaches at separate times
  • If payment is collected by credit card, the credit card machine will be wiped down using an alcohol based wet wipe after use
  • The two-meter distance rule will apply until the engineer is offsite
  • Used PPE will be disposed of safely

If an engineer is part-way through a job and a client does not respect his safe working space, the client will be warned that the engineer will leave immediately. If the client does not then comply the engineer will leave the site, even if services have not been reinstated. If agreement is then received from the client that they will respect the health and safety of our staff. EasyFlow will send another engineer to complete the job at a later stage, at additional expense to the client.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this difficult time