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Water Heating Costs: Is It Cheaper to Leave Hot Water on All the Time?

Hot water is one of the most important creature comforts available to us today. You can take a hot shower whenever you want. You can have hot water at the tap just by turning the handle. There’s no need to kindle a fire and wait for the water to warm up.

However, that convenience comes at a cost. Whether you have an electric water cylinder or a gas-fired model, heating the water that serves your home requires energy, and you must pay for that energy.

Because water cylinders will cool without access to constant heat, it can seem like you should just leave the hot water on all the time rather than setting a timer for it. Is that the case? Actually, it’s not. Here’s what you should know about it.

They Myth Explained

The myth about leaving your hot water on goes something like this: because the water in your cylinder cools over time when the element or boiler is not working, you’ll use more energy to get the water up to temp when the timer kicks over. This will increase your costs. You can decrease your costs by just leaving everything on.

The truth of the matter is this: yes, you will use a little more energy initially when getting the water back up to temperature. However, you will use far more energy over the course of time because you’ll be heating the cylinder for hours on hours when no one will be using the hot water. This is just money down the drain, as they say.

Modern Technology

With modern water heaters, you have a cylinder that holds heated water. The cylinder should be well-insulated to help maintain the proper temperature. This works in your favour, because the water can be held at or very near optimum temperature for many hours without having to run the electric elements or boiler to warm the water.

Set Your Timer

As you can see, it makes little sense to leave your water heater on all the time. Why pay for the energy required to warm the water while you are asleep, or while the family is out at work and school? Instead, use your timer so that you always have access to plenty of hot water when you need it most. You’ll need it when you shower, and you’ll also need it when you’re cooking and washing up. However, check your appliances – some modern dishwashers, for example, are capable of heating water on their own and don’t need a supply of hot water from your cylinder.

Not Sure?

Not entirely sure how to set your timer? Perhaps you want to consider upgrading your current cylinder. Whatever the case, get in touch with us at EasyFlow. Call us on 0161 941 5571 and we’ll be pleased to send a qualified, professional plumber around to speak with you, discuss your options, provide maintenance, or anything else you might need.