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Range Tribune Unvented Water Cylinders: Choices from Kingspan

Range Tribune were known as premium manufacturers of water cylinders in the UK. While the marque still lives on, Range is no longer an independent company. Instead, the Tribune line of unvented water cylinders is now being manufactured by Kingspan.

Despite that change in ownership, Tribune unvented water cylinders still deliver an ideal mixture of performance, reliability, and quality. What should you know about your choices from Kingspan?

The Manufacturing Metal

Kingspan continues to use high-quality duplex steel to manufacture the cylinder body. Stainless steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion (although it is not immune to it), as well as outstanding strength and resilience. Because of the unique material, these unvented cylinders can rival the corrosion resistance of metals like copper, while still delivering better strength and durability.

The Lines

Kingspan manufactures two lines of Tribune unvented water cylinders: Xe and HE.

The Xe Line: You’ll find that the Xe line includes a wide range of different options. These run the gamut from the Xe Pre-Plumbed, which includes pre-fitted plumbing and is almost ready to go for installers, to indirect options like the Xe Indirect and direct models like the Xe Direct. The Xe Indirect Solar, Pre-Plumbed Solar, and Pre-Plumbed System-Fit unvented cylinders round out the options.

The HE Line: The HE line is designed primarily for good efficiency, and is more affordable than the extreme efficiency-focused Xe line. It includes both direct and indirect heated models, as well as pre-plumbed and solar-focused unvented cylinders.

What Do Direct and Indirect Mean?

The Tribune direct and indirect models are perhaps the best sellers for Kingspan (solar options are growing in popularity, but certainly make up a minority of sales at this time). That means you are most likely interested in one of the two, and knowing the difference matters.


Direct unvented cylinders are designed to directly heat the water within them. This is done using electricity and immersion heaters that sit within the centre of the cylinder itself and heat the water around them. Direct cylinders are the simplest to install, as they do not require additional components to function (such as a boiler).


Indirect models are the reverse of direct unvented cylinders. These are installed with a gas or oil-fired boiler, which acts as the primary heat source for warming water. The heated water is then transferred to the water cylinder, where a backup immersion heater will maintain the proper temperature.

Which Is Right for You?

Kingspan’s Tribune line of unvented water cylinders remains one of the most popular options in the UK, and there’s something for everyone here. However, choosing the right option can be confusing.

Do you need direct or indirect? Would a Xe or HE model be better for your needs and budget? Instead of struggling along on your own, get in touch with EasyFlow. One of our G3-qualified plumbers will be happy to discuss both the Xe and HE models and help you make an informed decision.