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Dealing with a Lack of Hot Water Pressure on an Unvented Cylinder

When you open the hot tap, you expect to have a mains pressure stream of heated water. However, what if you were to open the tap and only a drizzle came out? Dealing with a lack of hot water pressure with an unvented cylinder can be daunting, but while only certified professionals should handle repairs and service, there are things you can do to troubleshoot the situation before calling a plumber.

Is It Just the Hot Water?

The first step doesn’t require doing much – just close the hot tap and open the cold tap. Is there a lack of pressure there, too? If you’re experiencing a loss of pressure with both hot and cold water, chances are good that the issue is actually with the mains themselves. Any problem that prevents water from flowing into your home at the right pressure will also affect outflow from your cylinder.

Is It Just One Tap?

Another quick check is to go to another tap and open it. Ideally, you’ll use a tap on another floor or in a very different part of the home. Open the hot tap in that location and inspect the flow of water. Is that tap also experiencing a loss of pressure? If not, there could be a blockage in the piping leading to the initial tap where you observed the lack of pressure.

Visually Inspect the Cylinder

If you have determined that your entire home is suffering from a loss of hot water pressure, the culprit is probably the unvented cylinder. Rather, it is likely the pressure reduction valve located on the unvented cylinder. Over time and without proper maintenance, minerals and sediment can build up within the valve and cause it to stick. To inspect this, check the pressure reduction valve for signs of water – if it is dripping water into the tundish, there is a problem with the valve and likely needs to be replaced.

What Is a Pressure Reduction Valve?

A pressure reduction valve, usually abbreviated as PRV, is a special valve that’s designed to reduce the pressure of the water entering the home to help prevent damage to plumbing fixtures. Mains pressure is not a guaranteed constant. Dramatic, rapid increases in pressure can occur. When this happens, unprotected systems can be damaged. Your pressure reduction valve helps ensure that does not occur.

Call in the Professionals

Unvented cylinders can only be serviced by professionals with the G3 qualification. It’s important that you do not attempt to service your water cylinder on your own, and that you only work with a qualified plumber.

At EasyFlow, our plumbers all carry the required G3 qualification and will be happy to inspect your unvented cylinder, replace any faulty components, and get your hot water pressure back to normal. Contact us today to request an inspection and service, and don’t forget to ask about our annual water cylinder service to prevent problems in the future.