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How Does the Boost Button Work?

Unvented water heaters offer us access to hot water with the turn of a tap. However, there are many different styles and types of water heaters used across the UK, including those with boost and without boost. If your water cylinder has a boost button, it can be a little confusing to determine its purpose, particularly because there are both E7 and non-E7 boost variants out there.  What Does The Boost Do? The boost function is designed to provide you with additional water heating solutions. It can be used in conjunction with your regular water heater timer, or it can be used instead of it. For instance, if your water heater is not connected to your radiators, then you may only need hot water for your daily shower. Using boost instead of keeping the unvented cylinder heating throughout the day and night can provide you with financial and energy savings. Additionally, if you have significant hot water needs each day, boost can give you that little nudge beyond what the water heater is capable of on its own. E7 If you have an older E7 tariff-oriented unvented water cylinder, then pressing your boost button will give you one hour of water heating. This will heat roughly 10% of the water in the cylinder, giving you enough for a quick shower or another brief use. Non-E7 If you have a newer, non-E7 unvented water heater, you get 30 minutes of heating that will warm roughly 10% of the water at the top of the cylinder. Element Location A lot of the functionality of your boost button depends on where the heating element(s) is located in the system. If you have a dual element system and the upper element is designated for boost, then you’ll be able to warm only the very top of the system. If the element is at the bottom, or if both elements in a dual set-up are used for boost, then you will get a combination of hot water and warm water. If you’re experiencing problems with your boost button, make sure to call a heating engineer certified to work on unvented cylinders. Call EasyFlow for an engineer to visit your property in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Chester and Warrington.

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